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Clash of the Queens I:

Battle for the Throne

Standard Tournament Rules:   Start:

  1. Tournament sign-in starts at 11:00 a.m. Teams that have pre-registered should check in with tournament organizers to let them know they are in attendance.


  1. Tournament play to start promptly at Noon, but may be delayed if organizers decide to do so.


  1. Each team must have exactly 5 players. No alternates allowed. Team will continue absent any players in the tournament without any replacement, unless organizers grant exception based on extenuating circumstances.


  1. No participant may play for more than one team. If applicable due to extenuating circumstances, any replacement player(s) will be drawn randomly from non-participant volunteers first, and from eliminated player volunteers second. Under no circumstances will a replacement player be a member of an active team in the tournament.


  1. Tournament bracket to be created by tournament organizers. Organizers will perform a random draw to determine position.


  1. Tournament is standard double elimination: A team will not be eliminated from the tournament until they lose two matchups.


  1. Matchups: Preliminary matchups will be a best of 5 series, with the first team to win 3 games being declared the winner of that match. In the Semi-Finals and Finals they will be best of 7 series, the first team to win 4 games will be declared the winner of that match.


  1. Grand Finals: Best of 11 series, first team to win 6 games is declared the winner. If necessary, a 2nd best of 7 series will be conducted in the event that the team that loses in the 1st series had not previously been defeated in the tournament.


  1. Before each round a coin flip will occur between opposing team captains to determine map selection and team color. Team that wins coin toss allowed to choose to select the first map of matchup (Day/Night) or side color for duration of match (Blue/Gold). After that selection, losing team captain selects the remaining option of their choice.

-in Grand Finals matchup, coin flip at beginning determines sides and starting map for both series, if necessary.

  1. Matches will alternate between the Day Map and the Night Map.

-in Grand Finals matchup, should a reset occur, the map that the first series started on will also start the second series.

  1. No more than 60 seconds allowed between rounds of a matchup that has started, unless tournament organizers allow for an exception. If 60 seconds elapse, tournament organizer(s) can demand both teams to start (even if a team does not have all players present). If one team refuses to start, they will forfeit that round. The 60 second limit will restart upon forfeit.


  1. No more than 1 minute allowed to lapse between matchups. If 1 minute elapses, tournament organizer(s) can demand both teams to start (even if a team does not have all players present). If one team refuses to start, they will forfeit that round. 60 second limit applied after first forfeit, and any subsequent forfeit thereafter.


  1. Tournament organizers will make known before start of tournament any in-game actions that are not allowed, including, but not limited to: glitches, exploits, hacks, or cheats. Examples:
  2. Day Map – pass through middle barrier between blue and gold hives ;
  3. Speed – attempting invincibility by using speed gate as drone with speed enhancement already applied.


  1. If a player or team performs an action that is not allowed, tournament organizers may perform any of the following actions at their discretion:


  1. Replay of round
  2. Forfeiture of round
  3. Forfeiture of matchup
  4. Disqualification of team
  5. Removal from tournament of individual player


  1. Tournament organizers request players to compete to the best of their abilities. “Tanking” may result in any of the above actions under #14 to be taken.


  1. All participants must follow the rules of Up-Down. Excessive intoxication, fighting, and other banned behaviors will result in removal from premises for participant.


  1. Tournament organizers may allow exceptions to any of the above rules at their discretion, including the allowance of a replacement player to participate in the tournament. Any such exception will be clearly announced to the tournament upon its application.


  1. Have fun and support our sponsors. We don’t charge and entry fee for the tournament due to their generosity. Consider drinking their beer when you come to Up-Down as a way to say “thank you” for sponsoring our tournament.

These rules were shamelessly borrowed from our friends at Logan Arcade and slightly modified.  When in Chicago visit Logan to play Killer Queen.

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