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Killer Queen Season Two

Sponsored By Founder’s Brewing

Killer Queen League Season Two

Our second Killer Queen league begins July 5th, 2016.  This six week league will occur on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 9pm.  At the conclusion of league play we will have a seeded tournament based on regular season results to determine a championship team.

Players can register online at www.KillerQueenKC.com before 6pm Tuesday, June 28th.  Players will have the option of requesting to be a captain.  Captains will be selected as 20% of the players in the league.  Captains will have the opportunity to pick two members of their team in a snake draft format.  The other two players on each team will be selected at random.

If a player on a team is unable to attend for a given week, a substitution will be allowed only from players not on another team.  No team will be allowed to compete with the same substitute for more than two weeks of the league.  Teams will be responsible for the attendance of their members and substitutes will only be provided on an as available basis.

Matches in the league will be the best of 5 games and will alternate from day to night map for each game until one team has won 3 games.  The number of matches per week will be determined based on the number of teams created from the players registered.

The registration fee is $10 per player.  It can be paid using the link below.  After your payment is successful you should be redirected to the registration page.  If you have any issues with this process, please contact us here.

Click The “Pay Now” Button Below To Register:

Season Two of the Killer Queen League is proudly sponsored by: